Libby Babet

Health and Fitness Specialist

When Libby was diagnosed with malignant hypertension in her early 20s, with blood pressure more than twice safe levels, she was told she'd be on medication for life and probably never have kids. Healing herself through the right kinds exercise and nutrition, and getting off medication was the start of her life-long mission to inspire others to move more, eat better and live life to the full.

A decade later, her knowledge and passion led to her starring role as the new trainer on Channel 10's re-imagination and relaunch of "The Biggest Loser: Transformed". As a former journalist she writes for publications such as Prevention Magazine and has also been the fitness expert for Women's Fitness Magazine and the HIT Network, Australia's largest radio network.

Outside of her work in media, Libby is the founder of multiple businesses in health and fitness including her Bondi training studio The Upbeat who's Live Online classes are ranked in the Top 10 Globally by ClassPass. She also co-founded Chief Nutrition, written a best selling book, "Totally BUF", and created her hugely popular 6-week online nutrition program Sneaky Nutrition Reset. Best of all, despite the dire prognosis over a decade ago, Libby is now the proud mum of her daughter Izzy and her son Harry!