Live Your Chief Life

Transform your health In 30 days

Get your nutrition back on point

If you're like most people, life can tend to get in the way of healthy habits. We've created this 30 day challenge to kickstart getting things back on track. Free for a limited time!

No dieting or strict eating plans

No counting calories or hunger pains. Just have some fun with some simple swaps for 30 days. You can do that, right?

Yeah I can do that!
Simple changes that make all the difference.

Cut just four things from your diet and replace them with better options for 30 days.

Recipes and meal ideas.

Our team of culinary geniuses have created some simple and easy recipes anyone can make. You'll love them, promise.

Meal plan, planners and shopping lists.

If you're a little OCD and like following a detailed plan, we've got you covered. Or, you can just follow our general guide if you're a little more loosey-goosey.

Grab the Starter Kit!

The Starter Kit contains recipes, meal plans and more. Grab it while it's free, for a limited time only!

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