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100 Ways Collagen Elevates Your Well-Being
Collagen Protein is a natural protein that’s been shown to be a fantastic supplement to support recovery, rejuvenate your joints and provide many anti ageing benefits. In this article we cover the health and anti-ageing benefits of including collagen supplementation into your daily routine.
How The Chief Life Challenge Changes Lives
Are you ready to reset, rejuvenate, and revamp your health and lifestyle? Join our Chief Life Challenge – a transformative journey designed to guide you towards lasting health, fitness, and lifestyle habits.
The Science of Eating: Raw vs. Cooked
Food's role in human evolution, culture, and health is undeniably pivotal. Historically, the debate around...
Natalie Dau running outdoors
The attention on women’s running (and sport in general) seems to be a relatively recent...
Lying in a hammock in the amazon jungle
Our co-founder's kayaking and trekking in the Amazon jungle in Brazil. The lessons she learned and her best tips.
The Power of Collagen: Latest Insights into Joint, Skin, and Bone Health
New scientific findings on benefits of supplementation with hydrolysed collagen peptides on joint, skin and bone health.