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Healthy Recipes

Beef Bar Recipe Meat Cheese Tomato Sauce
Looking for the perfect, protein-rich snack but don’t have loads of time to meal prep? No worries! Check out this 5-minute cheeseburger slider. Not only is this a clean, protein-rich snack, but it pairs perfectly with all the classic burger toppings. Extra pickles for me, please!
Peanut Butter Collagen Coffee
Consuming coffee on an empty stomach isn’t great for your hormones (it increases cortisol which can lead to weight gain and impact fertility), or your digestion. You can offset this by simply adding collagen protein to your morning coffee.
GF Choc Collagen Granola
This granola is the perfect topper to any yogurt bowl, smoothie bowl or an easy and quick snack. Plus, it features the Chief Dark Chocolate Collagen Powder so it will leave you glowing from the inside out. 
Creamy Collagen Yoghurt Bowl
Adding Chief's Creamy Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder to your yoghurt bowl might just be the easiest way to elevate this already delicious treat. This bowl works perfectly for a breakfast or as an after dinner treat. Plus, a good quality greek yoghurt is chalk full of probiotics, leaving your gut happier than ever. 
Roasted Pumpkin & Pistachio Soup
There’s no better way to warm your insides than with a glorious bowl of pumpkin soup. Unlike most soups, our Roasted Pumpkin & Pistachio Soup contains a rich source of protein, thanks to the addition of Chief Unflavoured Collagen Protein Powder
Creamy Cinnamon + Collagen Porridge
Chilly mornings call for this protein-rich porridge to help warm your insides, promote glowing skin, and keep you full for hours. The perfect easy, quick breakfast for busy mornings. Bonus, kids love this!

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