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We're on a mission to help people stop eating food that destroys their health and the planet by providing better alternatives. This is no easy task, as we are up against big companies with enormous budgets. We believe there is strength in numbers, and this is where you come in.

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What's an ambassador?

Chief Ambassadors help us achieve our mission by helping us educate people about our products. We help our ambassadors achieve their goals by helping them grow their profiles, providing discounts and more.

What do ambassadors do?

Chief Ambassadors help us educate people about our products by creating and sharing content on social media. Our focus is on inspiring people to live their #chieflife, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for community leaders, farmers, health experts (dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, etc), and athletes that take pride in becoming the best version of themselves. People who are living their #chieflife.

How it works

If accepted, you'll receive an email with a unique discount code you can use to purchase products and merch. You'll also have the option to give your network a discount on their first purchase and earn a commission on any revenue you generate.

Additional Benefits

Once you're a Chief Ambassador you're a part of our team and our resources are open to you. We are happy to support your own projects by promoting them and sharing them in our digital platforms. Our most active ambassadors will also be the first invited to participate in any paid promotional opportunities we might have.

Frequently asked questions

For Ambassadors

Chief Ambassadors help us achieve our mission by helping us educate people about our products. We help our ambassadors achieve their goals by helping them grow their profiles, providing discounts and more.

In order to become a Chief Ambassador, you must first embrace the #ChiefLife. Second, be active on social media and be over the age of 18. Third, be in Australia or the US.

Ambassadors represent Chief and our core values:

  1. Do what's right for you, for others and for the planet.
  2. Be a good human, and help those who need it. Be supportive and lead by example.
  3. Respect, professionalism, accountability and responsibility are a must in our team.
  4. Both Chief and our ambassadors have the right to terminate the ambassadorship at any time.

You will get 10% off each completed sale from people who have used your code. Every month you will receive payment based on the prior’s month earned commission via PayPal. (You will need to create an account PayPal account and provide us with your PayPal email address.)

Your unique discount code provides 10% off customers' purchases and is applicable to customers every time they complete a purchase. Returned or cancelled orders will not count as a successful checkout. They must be completed.

Your Ambassador code cannot be combined with any other discount code at checkout (this is a systems limitation).

Unfortunately, this is not possible through the platform. So please be very careful when choosing your code.

There are a few reasons why your main discount code is not working:

  1. The customer is inputting the code incorrectly.
  2. The customer already has another code applied (which may be an automatic discount code)
  3. The customer is trying to subscribe which is already discounted (codes won’t work with subscriptions but we can create one for them, just ask)
  4. The customer has ineligible products in their checkout cart (discounted products, special packs, offers, etc.)

You can also share your main referral link. (You can find it on your dashboard) When customers click on your link and shop on our site, your 10% off discount code will automatically apply to your cart once they checkout.

Your Ambassador Dashboard is provided by Social Snowball and will be your go-to for everything you need. Here, you can keep track of your sales and commission, update the shipping or payment info, or find your Discount Code if you ever forget it.

Once you log in, Ambassadors can access the following:

  • Your main referral link
  • Discount code (Ambassador code)
  • Reports (Check your performance)
  • Marketing Resources (Logos, lifestyle photos, etc.)
  • Payments
  • Sales
  • Account Settings

Login here. Your username is the email you used to apply to the program with and the password you entered on your application as well. If you can't remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link.

One of the most important things we need from you is content. For this purpose, we have created a few different options for you:

  1. You can upload to this Google Drive Folder.
  2. You can send us an email with your images/video to:
  3. Shoot us a message on our socials and someone from our team will get back to you.

We love helping to promote our ambassadors so don’t be shy and shoot us your content!

Important to note: when uploading this content, you give universal usage rights for Chief to use, edit, and publish your content in any format, on any platform.

We can’t guarantee your content will always be featured. However, we recommend you visit our brand guidelines so you can have a better idea of the content we endorse.

We will be sending out monthly reporting emails to keep you updated. Additionally, our team will communicate with you via chat through your social account.

Feel free to contact us through Instagram or at if you have any questions.

Ambassadorships are 3 months at a time, or you can put an end to your ambassadorship at any time. We totally understand if you are not feeling it. Just send us an email at to let us know and we immediately will cancel it. No questions asked. It is non-exclusive, you can still represent other brands, as long as they are aligned with us. 

It is crucial that you help us get the Chief Life message out there. We encourage you to be active on social media and let your audience know what we are all about. From your daily morning run to your weekend activities, we support your ambassadorship and we love to see you carrying the Chief flag.

We retain the right to discontinue an ambassadorship at any time. Some reasons may include: 

-       We notice there our values are being misrepresented.

-       No engagement from your end, in terms of content and/or participation on socials.

-       Misuse of our brand, merch and products. 

-       Disrespectful, unprofessional behaviour. 

So keep an eye on it as it will be the main platform we will use to communicate with you.

Feel free to contact us through Instagram or at if you have any concerns.