Why we're Thankful For Farmers

You probably know your doctor, but what about the farmer that feeds you 3 times a day?

We're excited at the potential of Regenerative Agriculture to go beyond "sustainability" and actually improve our environment. This is part of why we support Thankful For Farmers who partners with brands like ours to raise money to support sustainable farming (including moving towards Regenerative Agriculture) and regional communities across Australia.​

90% of all money generated by Thankful For Farmers co-brand product partners goes to fund programs and initiatives to support local farming, regional and rural communities. Here are some recent examples.

$20,000 towards building drought resistance.

Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal funding will be used specifically for the Networks to Build Drought Resilience and Drought Resilience Leaders, supporting remote, rural and regional communities to prepare for the impacts of drought.

A $20,000 grant to Soils for Life

Funding will be used to create an educational video that outlines the importance of soil for agriculture, the environment and the economy.

How you can help

Look for the Thankful For Farmers logo on products on supermarket shelves, on menus in restaurants and cafés across Australia. With every product you purchase you'll be supporting Australian farming and regional communities.