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Healthy Recipes

Comforting Collagen-rich Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup
There is something about eating this soup that makes it feel like one big warm hug. One thing that I love most about food is the feelings that it can create inside us. Warm, comforting food like this truly goes beyond the nutrients, and that’s something to celebrate.
Gluten Free Collagen + Pecan Banana Bread
We all love a good Banana Bread, but if we are honest, it often has the sugar content of a classic cake. So, we thought we’d share our latest creation of a true banana bread that features our Creamy Vanilla Collagen Powder for an extra boost. Yep, it’s gluten-free and refined sugar-free of course. You can thank us later!
Beef Liver Bolognese
Thanks to @thesunnilife for this recipe! It’s time boost your classic Beef Spagbol with our Organic Liver...
Choc Mint Muffins
It is no secret that we are excited about the new Choc Mint Collagen bars, and we are ready to let you in on one of our favourite ways to enjoy them. These dark chocolate muffins are packed full of nutrient dense ingredients, with a rich choc mint flavour. 
Gut-Loving Potato Salad
This zesty potato salad is sure to leave both you and your guests wanting more. The cooked and cooled potatoes act as a prebiotic fibre, helping to feed your good gut bugs, helping to boost immunity, energy, a clear mind, and reduce bloating. Plus, the Smokey BBQ Biltong is a great gut-friendly flavour boost.  
Gluten Free Protein Pancakes
These Gluten-Free Pancakes are sure to add some sparkle to any morning, plus they are high in protein, and easy to prep. Featuring the Chief Vanilla Collagen Powder, they will have you glowing from the inside out. These pancakes are light, fluffy and fuel you for the day ahead. 

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