WTF is a beef bar?

Like jerky, in a bar

Our beef bars are a clean, meaty snack to satisfy your savoury cravings. Each bar starts off as 80g of organic grass-fed beef brisket and topside. We slow dry the bars to create a tender and easy to eat snack that's packed full of flavour and nutrients. Free from all the nasty stuff you usually find in dried and cured meats, very low in sugar and and taste the difference with 100% organic grass-fed Aussie beef - they taste like a delicious roast!

Trusted by the pros

Dr Naras Lapsys

Dr Naras Lapsys

Medical Doctor and Dietitian

"Every day, more and more studies confirm that processed food and in particular, processed carbohydrates, are just not good for us. Chief really ticks all the boxes."

Jessica Turton Dietitian

Jessica Turton

Accredited Practising Dietitian

"Chief beef bars give me the proteins, nutrients, and energy that I need - while saving me time! I love that these 'protein bars' are made from real food, and the added bonus is that they taste delicious. Highly recommend!"

Penny Benjamin Nutritionist

Penny Benjamin

Nutritionist, Engineer, Educator

"I'm always looking for super easy yet tasty and filling snack and meal options to recommend my clients that are based on real food. Chief Bars deliver on all accounts."

Better for you

Made from 100% organic grass-fed Aussie beef which is up to five times higher in healthy omega-3s. Slow dried rather than cooked means they're higher in heat sensitive vitamins like B12.

Packed with nutrients

80g of beef goes into each bar which is slow dried to remove the water weight. This means they're packed full of highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals and protein.

No nasty preservatives

We naturally preserve our beef just as our ancestors did, with no added nasties like nitrates or nitrites. They'll last at least 6 months on the shelf without refrigeration thanks to modern packaging.

Better for the planet

We source our beef from farmers following regenerative practices which are a critical part of creating a healthy planet. One study shows 50kg of carbon stored for every 1kg of beef produced in a regenerative system.

Real food, fills you up

Other snacks leave you craving more because they use artificial thickeners, fillers, sweeteners and sugar alcohols, or are too high in sugar. These are made from real food that squashes your hunger.

Better for the animals

Most beef comes from industrial feedlots where animals are kept in confined stalls and fattened with grains. We source our beef from family owned organic farms where cattle forage freely all year round.

Proudly supporting Aussie farmers.

Every product you buy supports Thankful For Farmers, helping farmers be more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Have your steak and eat it too

Most jerky, sausage rolls and meat pies are made from low quality meat. They're also surprisingly high in sugar and other fake crap including carcinogenic preservatives. We're uncompromising on what goes into our products.

4x more meat than a sausage roll

Our beef bars have 4 times more beef than a sausage roll, half the calories, double the protein and 7 times less carbs.

Taste the difference with organic beef

Each bar contains 80g of organic, grass-fed and finished beef brisket and topside, dried down to a very nutrient dense 40g bar. They're arguably healthier and less processed than meat you'd eat at home because we don't cook it, preserving heat-sensitive vitamins like B12.

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