The Ultimate Snack Pack

Clean snacks, for you and the planet.

Starter Pack (12 products)

"So delicious. Feels like you’re spoiling yourself but it’s packed with nutrition."

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$54.95 $74.70you save $19.75

You care about what you put in your body and we do too. Please refer to the product images for a full breakdown of ingredients and macros (zoom in for details).

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What's in the Starter Pack?

This is the ultimate snack pack, including incredibly nutritious sweet and savoury options the whole family can enjoy for incredible value. Grab one pack just for you, two for a couple or three for a family.

6 x Collagen Protein Bars

Six flavours including Double Choc, Peanut Choc, Hazelnut Brownie, Cashew Shortbread, Peanut Butter and Lemon Tart.

2 x Organic Beef Bars

Two flavours including a classic Traditional biltong recipe with a twist and a Cayenne Chilli option (medium spice). New wrapper alert!

2 x Organic Beef Biltong

Two flavours including a classic Traditional Biltong and a Chilli option (medium spice)

"I couldn’t decide which product I liked best. Every flavour is wow!"

- Ysanne M.

Made for Pack Flippers

You care about what goes into your food, and we do too. Because it's not just about great macros, it's also about clean ingredients your body will recognise as real food.

High Protein

Our whole range is high in protein to fill you up fast.


Our beef and our collagen is grass-fed and finished with high animal welfare.
Low Carb Snacks

Low Carb

Our whole range is low carb and low in sugar.
Preservative Free Beef Snacks

No Nasties

Everything we do is free from artificial junk and preservatives.
High Protein Snacks

Nutrient Dense

Packed full of highly bioavailable protein, minerals and essential vitamins only found in animal products.

Real Food

Great macros AND clean ingredients your body will recognise as real food.

Easy to Digest

Our whole range is easy to digest with highly bioavailable nutrients. No bloating or gas.

Keto & Carnivore Options

Options that can be incorporated into most diets including Paleo.

Why Collagen Protein?

Collagen is an odourless, tasteless, dairy free protein source. You'll love it because it's a great environmentally friendly option and easier on the gut than other proteins like whey. There's also a bunch of new research suggesting it's beneficial for gut health, joint and tendon health, recovery and hair, skin and nails.

Sweet tasting treats you'll feel good about

A clean, biscuity, nut butter based snack to satisfy your sweet cravings. High in protein to fill you up. Perfect pre or post workout or simply as a delicious treat to get you through to meal time.

Like jerky, but better

Unlike most jerky, we naturally preserve our beef just as our ancestors did with no added nitrates or nitrites (carcinogenic preservatives). We also don't use cheap fillers like maltodextrin or hydrolysed vegetable proteins (high in MSG). A lot of jerky is surprisingly high in sugar (upwards of 20%!) but our products have less sugar than a carrot. And because they're slow dried they're much more tender than jerky and retain over 90% of heat sensitive vitamins such as B12. Better is an understatement.

Savoury, meaty, hunger busters

Clean, meaty snacks to satisfy your savoury cravings. Taste the difference with organic, grass-fed, grass-finished Aussie beef. Free from all the nasty stuff you usually find in dried and cured meats.

Starter Pack (12 products)

$54.95 $74.70
Pack Quantity
$54.95 $74.70you save $19.75

Energy, 205 kJ / 49 kcal
Fat, 0g
- of which: Saturates, 0g
Carbohydrate, 10g
- of which: Sugars, 7g

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Beef Gelatine, Acid: Citric Acid, Flavouring

Try the full range and save! Our starter pack contains 6x sweet and 6x savoury snack options the whole family can enjoy. Flip the pack and you'll love what you see.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to describe the taste would be like a nut butter biscuit. They're sweet but they’re very low in sugar because we use a natural sweetener (monk fruit). We avoid stevia because it can have a lingering aftertaste.

Everyone asks us this and the best description we've heard is it's like a roast! If you like meat, you'll love these savoury bars (and our biltong too).

It's basically like jerky, dried strips of meat. Unlike jerky, biltong is generally more tender and easier to eat. We cut our biltong quite thinly so it's more like a nice prosciutto.

Collagen is an odourless, tasteless, dairy free protein source that's a co-product of beef. We like it because it's a great environmentally friendly option and easier on the gut than other proteins like whey. There's also a bunch of new research suggesting it's beneficial for gut health, joint and tendon health, recovery and hair, skin and nails.

In our bars we use grass-fed and grass finished bovine hydrolysed collagen peptides from Argentina. We're working on Australia made collagen.

Our whole range are very healthy and natural snacks that can be enjoyed daily by anyone. They're also great pre or post workout.

Yes! Our kids love them and our whole range is perfect for kids. They are quite filling though so half a bar will probably be more than enough for the younger ones. Please note the Collagen Bars do contain nuts.

We’re not allowed to give advice and you should always check with your doctor or health professional.

There is nothing in our products that you would need to worry about. Some doctors might flag the camu camu in the Collagen Bars which is a berry - the reason for this is it’s high in Vitamin C and you can have too much Vitamin C, hence the general advice on camu camu. We don’t use a lot, there’s 0.24g in each bar which is about 7mg of Vitamin C and the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is 75mg for women.

Some may warn you off dried meat during pregnancy because it's not cooked but there is nothing in our products that you would need to worry about while breastfeeding.

In our view, all our products are very safe and from personal experience we've found them to be great for pregnancy and breast feeding. In fact, collagen and beef are fantastic for mums who are growing human beings.

Yes! Our collagen bars are particularly suitable. We don't market them as a "keto" product because strict ketosis followers might have an issue with the small amount of maple syrup in them (which is negligible, contributing <0.5g of sugar per bar) but we have designed the bars in consultation with nutritionists and keto experts who have confirmed they very much qualify as, and are recommended by those experts as, keto friendly.

Read more about keto

Our biltong is Low FODMAP.

Our beef bars contain garlic and onion which is not considered Low FODMAP.

Our collagen bars contain cashews which are not considered Low FODMAP.

Did you know low FODMAP is a short-term solution and not designed to be followed for months at a time? 

Read more about FODMAP

Our collagen range is Halal certified (we export to the Middle East). They're not Kosher, yet.

The beef we use in our Beef Bars and Biltong is Halal certified but our manufacturing is not Kosher or Halal certified yet. We are working on Halal certification for our export markets.

All products will last on the shelf for at least 12 months. The date on the product is a best before date, not an expiry date, which means it's a question of taste after that date.

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