Are our products halal or kosher?

Are our products halal or kosher?

Updated: Apr 02, 2024Chief Nutrition

One of the most common questions we get is are your products halal or kosher? Yes, our collagen range is Halal certified (we export to the Middle East) but they're not Kosher, yet. 

And, the beef we use in our beef range (beef bars and biltong) is Halal certified but our manufacturing is not Kosher or Halal certified yet. 

Most organic Aussie beef is already halal certified because a lot of beef goes offshore to international markets like Indonesia and the Middle East.

Halal Beef

Does Halal Certification increase costs for everyone?

No, in fact the additional volume from markets like the Middle East makes it cheaper for us to produce which keeps costs down for all our customers. Not that it's a major cost anyway, it's only a few thousand dollars which in the scheme of things is a minuscule cost and is dwarfed by the export dollars coming back into Australia.

What does Halal Certification involve?

Halal certification is about ensuring that practices that the manufacturer use are consistent with Halal standards. For example, using soap instead of alcohol to clean equipment; or, not processing pork products in the same facility. It is not about religious rites or prayers.

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