Behind the Scenes: What's happening at Chief HQ

Behind the Scenes: What's happening at Chief HQ

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

It's been a little while between updates so we wanted to say hi and fill you in on what's been happening behind the scenes at Chief!

New and improved Collagen Bars are in the works

If you've been following our journey for some time you'll probably know that our biggest challenge with our collagen bars is they can crumble.

The reason for this is, when you take out all the nasty artificial stuff you find in a lot of snack bars, there's only a small number of options left to create something that sticks together as a bar.

Most 'healthy' bars use dried fruit which we're not keen on because a bar with 30% to 40% sugar is not a good every day snack for most people.

We use nut butter in our collagen bars which makes them more biscuity and susceptible to breakage. We've done a lot of work on improving this, and your feedback tells us we've made some great progress, but we really want our bars to be able to survive the bottom of your bag!

The good news is we're very close to finishing testing with a new process which solves this. The new version is still very similar in taste, texture, ingredients and macros, but it holds together a lot better and we think they're even tastier too. Expect them to be out in a few months, we'll let you know when we have firm dates. 

Mixed Boxes are coming soon!

Our number one request is mixed boxes for our collagen range. We're just waiting for them to be made and delivered and then you'll see this option on the website! Keen your eyes peeled on our socials

More Beef Bar flavours are coming

Back in Nov 2020 we relaunched our meat bars and with matching biltong. This was just step one on a journey to really build out this part of our range and we're excited to launch some more flavours in the next 3 to 6 months. A bigger flavour range will give you more options to mix things up!

Our team is growing

People always tell us that we seem like a much bigger business from the outside but in reality, behind the scenes we're essentially a small family business! But we are growing the team and bringing on more support to ensure we're doing a great job to support you and continue to create more tasty products.

We're looking at options to move away from Australia Post

Some of you might have been less than impressed with Australia Post in recent history and we've definitely been frustrated too. We are looking at moving to using couriers instead which requires a warehouse shift but it's likely we'll make a move in the coming months. For now, please keep an eye on your tracking info and if things aren't moving as fast as they should (keeping in mind we use express post for all packages) then please let us know so we can chase them up.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please pop them below or contact us!


Justin Babet


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