Best Gym Classes In Bondi

Best Gym Classes In Bondi

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

Chief was born in Bondi and after being connected to the fitness industry for many years we're excited to list our favourite gym classes!

1. The Upbeat

Girls only fitness to lift your body, mood and soul. Develop the body of a dancer with beat based toning, strength, HIIT, and dance inspired workouts. Created by celebrity trainer Libby Babet who always knows how to create an amazing experience.


Personalised coaching in a small group environment. Combining functional movement patterns with high intensity interval training to create natural, symmetrical bodies – strong, lean, and mobile. No judgement, all heart, no ego. Ask for John!

3. Peaches Pilates

A boutique fitness studio on Bondi Road. With a maximum of 15 students per class, you are guaranteed a personal experience, never being lost at the back of the room worrying about your form. Peaches welcomes those of all fitness levels, and specialises in pregnancy and post natal care. Pregnant clients are welcome to join in on almost all group classes, and private clients can bring their little ones to the studio, no questions asked.

4. VRTUS Bondi Beach

VRTUS is an ultra premium group fitness studio that delivers block style training programs. Unlike the standard style of group fitness training, VRTUS coach you as an individual to ensure you train to the best of your ability.

5. The Well

The Well is so much more than just a gym and cafe. It integrates four core pathways that lead to total wellbeing: move, eat, be and feel well.

6. Lean Bean

The happy home of female fitness. From HIIT to Pilates, Prenatal to Barre, there's a workout for every body, coz' one size does not fit all. Ask for Lizzie.

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