Day on a Plate for Skin Health and Hormones with Jacqueline Alwill

Day on a Plate for Skin Health and Hormones with Jacqueline Alwill

Updated: Apr 22, 2024Veronika Larisova

Jacqueline Alwill is an Accredited Nutritionist and Co-Founder of women’s health platform, Day One Fertility. We asked her to share her Day On a Plate to eat for glowing skin and healthy hormones!


2 glasses water!


Half a banana or a small handful of sultanas which fundamentally changed my training efficiency and effectiveness compared to training fasted.

This also simmers the high cortisol levels present in the morning. Something we want to consider when it comes to reducing stress, inflammation and therefore reducing the impact on our fertility hormones and skin.


I’m usually hustling the family pretty hard to get out the door in the mornings so I go for a simple but delicious and filling smoothie including frozen strawberries and blueberries, soy milk, Chief Collagen Protein and chia seeds.

If I’m quite hungry I’ll eat half an avocado too.

The berries are rich in antioxidants which can protect both skin cells and a woman’s oocytes (female egg) from the effects of stress and free radical damage.

Soy milk is a source of healthy phytoestrogen compounds to help regulate oestrogen balance, whilst also contributing valuable protein to the blend, alongside the chia seeds and Chief Collagen Protein.

I like the neutral flavour of the protein, it makes it super versatile.


Piece of fresh fruit rich in Vitamin C like an orange and a decent handful of raw nuts and seeds.

Vitamin C supports collagen production and skin elasticity, and the healthy fats in the nuts help to cool inflammation, regulate blood sugars and keep appetite at bay.


Chicken pumpkin miso kale salad from our SUPER SKIN FOOD EBOOK AND MEAL PLAN with some fermented foods.

I always ensure there are good sources of carbohydrates (pumpkin), protein (chicken), healthy fats (olive oil and sesame seeds) in my meals, the balance of macronutrients sustains your energy longer which can mean you’re less likely to be reaching for sugary snacks within an hour of lunchtime (very common for a lot people).

I love the fibre and probiotics in the kale and fermented foods to support gut microbiome. Fibre supports the body’s natural detoxification pathways which is important for clearance of oestrogen and the elimination of toxins naturally supports skin health too.

Probiotics or live cultures present in sauerkraut help diversify gut microbes, increasing the presence of beneficial bacteria. A healthy and diverse gut microbiome has a positive impact on the skin - what is known as the “gut skin axis”.


If I’m home then I can make something quickly and usually have an edamame dip in the fridge to team with nori and seed crackers (recipe from SUPER SKIN FOOD), which is a great snack and rich in protein and micronutrients.

If I’m out and about I grab a Chief Collagen Bar to take with me. Both snacks are low in sugar, reducing inflammation and the damaging effects of sugar on skin cells.


Prawn, pineapple coconut skewers with garden salad and some avocado (recipe from SUPER SKIN FOOD) which are a delicious source of vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain which aids digestion and can support wound healing in the skin too.

I love the prawns they a lovely source of zinc, another nutrient critical to skin health and healing as well as in the context of fertility and hormonal health too.


You can learn more about Day One Fertility and join the Day One Community on Instagram @dayonefertility

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