Meet Our Stockists: Fit Nutrition Bondi

Meet Our Stockists: Fit Nutrition Bondi

Updated: May 24, 2024Veronika Larisova

Chief works with the best, from regen farmers to distributors. We choose to stock our products in stores from people who share our vision and wish to positively impact you and the ones around you. Our stockists are an integral part of our mission. Without them, the fight for the planet’s health and yours, will be even more difficult. We invite you to get to know them and visit their stores.

This week, we're chatting with Harrison from Fit Nutrition Bondi.

Please tell us a bit about you and your business?

    My name is Harrison and I am the operations manager here at Fit Nutrition Bondi Junction. Fit Nutrition is a store/website lifestyle brand that caters for not only sports people but the general person who is interested in bettering their health and well-being in a safe educated environment. We pride ourselves with the advice, education and general practices we stand for at Fit. We listen to the customer as a priority and do our very best to facilitate our customers needs first to give the absolute best and most concise advice we can give

    When did you start at ASN and why do you enjoy it?

    I was introduced to the business in its baby stages in 2018 as I had the best experience and genuinely got the best information and advice I could have received at the time. Traditional supplement stores were all biased towards their own benefit which was what was so different about Fit Nutrition. I quickly resonated to the business and what It stood for. Having studied health and fitness I was very interested in supplements and how they can help people as I saw results in my own training and thought to myself I can really help people with some of these supps.

    One of our core values is living your Chief life. How do you live your Chief (best) life? What gets you motivated day to day and where do we find you when you’re not in store?

    I live my best life by creating a lifestyle that benefits me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I practice muay thai and love my football. I thoroughly enjoy my work  and am genuinely motivated by helping people which ties into my morals and ethics.

    Best advice for people trying to learn about supplements and training?

    Ask questions and spend time researching your sups before purchasing. Don’t be afraid to take photos and again ask questions. There are great people in the industry who are willing to help

    How do you think eating habits are changing, have they changed for you?

    As prices of food and services go up there has never been a better time to bring some supplements into your daily routine even if training or not. Ie. Fruit and vegetables are on the increase so greens are a good way to save money in some spaces. I've brought on more greens into my diet and less processed foods to keep my gut in tip top shape.

    What’s next for you?

    Growing the brand I know and love. Launch new stores and get out to educate the communities we are able to engage

    Where can we find out more about you and ASN Fit?

    Can always drop us a line or visit our website of course pop in store and have a chat with our amazing team!


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