Top Gifts for Healthy People

Top Gifts for Healthy People

Updated: Apr 09, 2024Veronika Larisova

We know all too well how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for your partner or friends. So, let's say goodbye to the mundane and predictable presents as we have the ultimate line up for those who embrace the Chief Life.

Discover gifts that are not just thoughtful but also resonate with the adventurous spirit of the Chief Life. Let's explore these trendy options that are sure to impress and bring joy to your loved ones!


Top gifts for travel and fitness-focused men


Apple Watch Ultra 2

The ultimate gift for any sports, fitness, and travel enthusiast. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the most rugged and capable Apple Watch yet, built for track, trail, and underwater environments. On the outside, Apple Watch Ultra features the Action button for starting and advancing workouts, placing waypoints, and starting a stopwatch with a single press. The titanium case rises to protect the flat sapphire front crystal from edge impacts. The crown guard helps protect against accidental rotations of the Digital Crown. On the inside, the Apple Watch Ultra includes an altimeter and depth gauge for providing real-time measurements of altitude and underwater depth, a three-microphone array that reduces wind noise for clearer communications, precision dual-frequency GPS that provides location information for calculating distance, pace, and route maps; and more. There are so many amazing new features, we could write a whole article just on that.


Chief Starter Pack

Anyone who cares about their health and fitness, they wouldn’t touch airplane and airport food. The Chief Starter Pack has everything you need to survive a long trip without stomach pain and cravings. This pack contains beef bars, collagen bars and biltong, one of each flavour, to enjoy a great variety.


Saga Blood Slow Restriction Cuffs Bundle

Lifting weights is necessary to keep your muscle mass and strength gains while on holiday. But, what if you are in a hotel with no heavy weights or squat racks? Saga is your solution! Saga are the world's first wireless, auto-calibrating blood flow restriction (BFR) cuffs. The BFR Cuffs leverage the benefits of blood flow restriction to reduce the time and intensity required to build muscle and increase strength.

The reduced oxygen flow to your muscles from BFR Cuffs helps activate your high threshold motor units faster - these are the ones most responsible for muscle growth. Training under BFR can significantly increase lactate accumulation and hypoxia (low oxygen in the working muscle), leading to extraordinary improvements in endurance. BFR cuffs reduce the required training load - meaning you can build muscle with weights as low as 20% of your max output. This can spare your joints and overall fatigue, allowing faster recovery.


The Recovery Project Compression Boots

Compression boots offer significant benefits for both travellers and athletes. For travellers, they enhance circulation during long flights, reducing the risk of blood clots and leg swelling and aiding in minimising jet lag symptoms. Athletes benefit from their use in training and recovery, as these boots accelerate the removal of lactic acid and metabolic wastes from muscles, decreasing soreness and fatigue. This improved circulation also facilitates quicker muscle repair and growth, enhancing overall performance and endurance. Thus, whether used for travel comfort or athletic recovery, compression boots are a hot biohacking tool for maintaining leg health and improving physical well-being.


Chief Water Bottle

Using a stainless-steel drinking bottle over a plastic one offers several notable benefits, both environmentally and for personal health. Stainless steel bottles are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lessening plastic waste, a major environmental concern. Unlike some plastics, stainless steel does not leach chemicals into the water, ensuring that your drink remains free from potential toxins, particularly when exposed to heat or sunlight. Stainless steel is also inherently more resistant to bacterial growth, making it a more hygienic option in the long run. Aesthetically, stainless steel bottles often come in sleek designs and can maintain the temperature of your beverage for longer periods, whether hot or cold, due to their insulating properties. In contrast, plastic bottles are prone to retaining odours and flavours, and their insulating capability is generally inferior. By choosing stainless steel, users benefit from a safer, more sustainable, and often more practical hydration option.


Hot Gifts for Adventure and Fitness-focused Women


UltrAspire Hydration Vest

For runners, hikers, and cyclists alike, the UltrAspire Zygos 5 Hydration Vest marks a revolution in comfort and performance enhancement. This vest is a game-changer with its lightweight, soft, and breathable design, featuring a large-holed mesh that expertly wicks moisture away, keeping your skin dry and cool. It's crafted with silicone and PU-coated feather-weight nylon fabrics, offering exceptional resistance to water, abrasion, and tears. The innovative Max O2 Form ensures your breathing remains unrestricted while keeping the pack stable, thanks to its unique shock cord with optimal stretch and rebound properties. Moreover, the vest boasts plush micro-fibre polyester edges that are gentle against both skin and clothing, enhancing comfort during long activities. The sweat-proof webbing stays dry and light as all stress points are reinforced with safety-stitched bar tacks. The design includes quiet, bounce-free zipper pulls, easy to see and use, complemented by zig-zagged stitching over elastic for unparalleled durability and elasticity. The hydration vest also features a straightforward, quick bladder attachment mechanism and a patented Magnon pocket for secure, sweat-free storage of pills and essentials, complete with an automatic magnetic closure for swift access. This vest truly redefines the outdoor experience, blending advanced design with practicality and durability.


Solar Power Bank

The Sunny Bunny Dual USB Solar Power Bank 10000mAh Universal Battery Charger Torch is a game-changer for adventurers who love to stay connected and powered up. This robust charger is an ideal companion for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly way to charge devices using solar energy. Its high capacity 10000mAh battery ensures long-lasting power, capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously through its dual USB ports. The charger's durable design makes it resistant to water, dirt, and impact, suitable for the ruggedness of outdoor adventures. Additionally, it includes a bright 6 LED flashlight, making it a versatile tool for emergencies. The Sunny Bunny charger is not just a convenience but a necessity for those who venture into the great outdoors, keeping essential devices charged and ready while being kind to the environment.


UltrAspire Lumen Waist Light

Any adventurous gal will appreciate a top-notch torch. The award-winning Lumen waist light casts shadows across uneven surfaces, giving you a better understanding of your terrain. It has a wide flood cone that provides 600 lumens of Steady Beam even lighting for the most natural running experience out of any light. The Lumen 600 3.0 comes with a removable pocket; add the pocket to carry extra essentials such as a phone or food, or remove the pocket for a more minimalist feel. This light features our Race Fit, a fatigue-free buckle system allowing you to undo the buckle easily, and a conical belt made of limited-stretch elastic, providing a more comfortable and natural breathing pattern. The light itself is now 30% smaller in size and weight. This waist light includes one of our UltrAspire rechargeable 18650 batteries and features a USB charging port.


Fitcover Active Mineral Powder

Fitcover Active Mineral Powder Foundation is the perfect ally for adventurous girls who demand makeup as resilient as their spirit. Crafted to withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle, this foundation combats sweat, tears, and the challenges of a long, busy day without clogging pores or exacerbating skin issues like acne or dermatitis. Its unique formula is sweat-proof, water-proof, and non-comedogenic, ensuring that adventurous girls look radiant and flawless no matter where their adventures take them. The foundation is lightweight yet buildable, allowing full coverage with a natural, dewy glow thanks to its shimmery minerals. It's a favourite among active girls for its ability to maintain a fresh, sweat-free appearance all day. Easy to apply, blend, and light-as-a-feather, it's more than just makeup—it's a skin-loving necessity. Made from 100% natural minerals, including Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, it offers SPF15+ protection while keeping skin hydrated and controlling oil production. Fitcover Active Mineral Powder Foundation is essential for girls who love to explore and need their makeup to keep up with their dynamic lifestyle, ensuring they look on-point and feel great every day.


Adrenaline Gift Voucher

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a girl who thrives on adventure but are still deciding what specific experience to pick, an Adrenaline voucher is an ideal choice. Adrenaline offers a vast array of adventurous experiences, ranging from mild, beginner-friendly activities to high-octane, thrill-seeking adventures. By choosing an Adrenaline voucher, you give the gift of choice, allowing her to select the adventure that best suits her interests and excitement level. You have the flexibility to decide how much you want to spend, and she gets the thrill of picking her preferred adventure, whether it's something tame and gentle or an exhilarating, heart-pounding experience. It's a thoughtful way to cater to her adventurous spirit and ensure she gets exactly the kind of adventure she craves.


Veronika Larisova

Co-Founder, Registered Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist

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