Why do our beef bars cost a little more?

Why do our beef bars cost a little more?

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

One of the common bits of feedback we get about our beef bars is they're "expensive". We get it, when you see a bar that's $3 compared to a bar that's $5, the $5 option sounds relatively expensive. But, what not many people know is why.

The reason is quite simple, they cost a hell of a lot more to make that other bars and contain a lot more value! Our $5 beef bars contain 80g of organic beef (essentially a piece of steak) dried down to a 40g bar so they cost far more to make than a $4 bar made from dried fruit or a $3 bar made from fake crap.

To give a sense of just how much the difference is, organic beef retails at upwards of $65/kg, dried fruit at $3/kg and fake stuff at <$0.50/kg. So, actually our bars are incredibly good value and actually on the lower end of the pricing scale when you compare them to jerky or biltong, even brands that don't use organic grass-fed meat.

Fun fact: our beef bars contain up to 5 times more beef than your average sausage roll! 

The problem with dried fruit based bars is they’re usually over 30% sugar but the ones to really worry about are the $3 bars made from a chemical soup of artificial thickeners, fillers, sweeteners, vegetable oils, syrups and sugar alcohols - all of which is incredibly damaging to your health and despite the claims on pack these types of bars are definitely not health foods.

When it comes to health, we think value is more important than price. But the good news is you can have both! Grab the beef bars for $4.50 each on subscription and get free shipping too. You can even choose from a 1, 2 or 3 month cycle and we wanted to make it really easy which means there's no lock-in or minimum term. 

So, if you're willing to spend a dollar or two more (about the same price as a coffee these days!), you'll get a snack that's incredibly nutrient rich and filling, packed with protein and with relatively few calories (just 146 Cal per bar).

Your health is your most valuable asset, it's worth looking after.

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