Beauty Food has merged with Chief

Beauty Food has merged with Chief

Updated: Apr 06, 2024Veronika Larisova

Due to exceptional growth at Chief Nutrition, our sister brand, Beauty Food, is being merged into Chief. This will allow us to focus all our efforts on scaling our core business.

Website Changes

The Beauty Food website now redirects to the Chief website. You can still access the products found on the Beauty Food website, plus a broader range to choose from too.

What About The Cookies!?

Many of you have been asking if the cookies that are out of stock will come back and the answer in the short-term is no, simply because we need to make tough decisions to keep our range manageable. But, we are working on new and improved options that we're sure you'll love. And, in the meantime you might like to try our Chief Collagen Bar range which have a very similar recipe (the new choc covered range is to die for!).

And The Powders?

You'll also find our Chief Collagen Powders are a good substitute for the Beauty Food powders. The dark chocolate is ridiculously good as a hot chocolate (I may like it even more than the Beauty Food Hot Choc!), and all 3 flavours are brilliant to add to your coffee. Plus, Chief has some other healthy savoury options, and exceptional supplements.

Best Beauty Food Swaps for Chief Products

Love Beauty Food Collagen Cookies?
Try our Collagen Bars. The Double Choc is our new favourite!

Love Beauty Food Collagen Hot Chocolate?
Try our Dark Chocolate Collagen Protein

Love Beauty Food Collagen Coffee?
Try our Unflavoured Collagen Protein mixed with your favourite cafe, plunger or instant coffee

Love Beauty Food Marine Collagen?
Try any of our Collagen Protein Powders, they're a bovine collagen rather than marine but just as clean and high quality


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