Ausfit Torsion Bar


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A whole gym in the palm of your hand

We've partnered up with our friends at Ausfit Torsion Bar to bring you a very handy and versatile piece of fitness equipment to support you through our Chief Life Challenge (sign up to the challenge free for a special deal).

If you only have one piece of equipment, this is what you want. We use them in our office on a daily basis and they're great because they're compact and easy to store. We share a warehouse so we can also help you save on shipping when you combine your Chief and Ausfit order. 

Torsion Bar is a unique type of barbell designed to cover all your favourite traditional exercises. It's basically a shorter length barbell, or a longer dumbbell, and its simple design opens up hundreds of new functional moves that you couldn't do with a barbell or a dumbbell alone. No plates or clips required, nothing to break. 

Great for ladies and high rep endurance work
Length: 73.5cm
Diameter: 4.2cm

Great for stronger ladies, smaller guys, or guys new to fitness
Length: 78cm
Diameter: 5cm

Great for strong ladies and medium guys
Length: 72.5cm
Diameter: 6cm

Great for heavier guys or those that are fitter and stronger
Length: 90cm
Diameter: 6cm