Announcing our support for Aussie Farmers

Announcing our support for Aussie Farmers

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

While we don't talk about it a lot, something we're passionate about at Chief (it's the core part of our mission, really), is to improve the health of people and the planet. And as an Australian food business, we have a keen awareness that we need to do more to support our farmers who feed us at least three times a day.

This has led us to spend a lot of time researching Regenerative Agriculture and visiting farms where we've seen the positive impact of Regenerative practices on both the landscape and the financial success of the farm, even through a long period of drought.

We're excited at the potential of Regenerative Agriculture to go beyond "sustainability" and actually start to heal the damage all humans have caused to the natural environment around the world. Particularly its ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, not just slow or stop our carbon emissions, which sets it apart from any other climate solution. In fact, Regenerative Farming practices are 2.5 times more effective at positively impacting climate change than the next nearest solution.

This is why we've decided to support Thankful4Farmers, a not for profit bringing together industries, brands, influencers and consumers in a united effort to raise awareness and generate revenue to support sustainable agriculture (in particular a move to Regenerative Agriculture) and regional communities across Australia.

Farmers across the globe are facing unprecedented challenges; climatic conditions, reduced investment, falling commodity prices and raising tariffs and evolving consumer expectations.

All of which is causing many to lose farms that have been in their families for generations. As a result, the global farming community is also facing a mental health crisis.

Thankful4Farmers is igniting a local and global conversation to amplify awareness and generate on-going sustainable funding to create transformational impact in regional and rural communities.

As part of our support, soon you'll see the Thankful4Farmers logo on our bars. Read on to find out more and how you can support Aussie Farmers too!

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