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Our Beef Bar prices are going up (a little), here's what you can do about it

Updated: May 08, 2024Veronika Larisova

We're increasing the price of our beef bars shortly so we wanted to let you know in advance about why and what you can do about it.

Why are prices going up?

We've all seen prices going up in the past 12 months so you can probably guess that costs are increasing across all parts of our supply chain too (including beef, manufacturing, packaging and logistics). We've been absorbing these costs until now because we know how bloody tough it is out there with rising costs, especially interest rates. 

In the past 12 months all our suppliers have raised prices at least once, some have increased their prices 3 times, and we need to move in sync to continue to make the highest quality products for you over the long term. 

The silver lining is we've been working our tails off to reduce costs in our supply chain. We are absolutely - heart and soul - committed to maintaining the best quality ingredients, but through smarter choices around packaging (some of which are also better for the planet), negotiating bigger / longer term deals and more we've been able to insulate you from the bulk of pricing increases, i.e. the changes we'll be making to pricing are relatively small.

When are prices going up?

We'll be making all changes from 1 July 2023.

What's changing? 

Our 40g beef bars will become the same price as our 30g biltong (a $0.42 per bar increase).

It's worth noting they're still incredibly good value, each bar contains 80g of organic beef that is dried down to a 40g bar (we just take out the water weight) so they're incredibly nutrient dense. They're basically a $5 steak.

What can you do to get the best price?

When you subscribe and/or bulk buy it's more efficient for us and we pass those savings onto you.

We won't be increasing our prices for those already on a subscription so if you subscribe now you can lock in today's price for as long as you have an active subscription.  

When buying any box or value pack, you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 month automatic delivery and you can edit, pause, cancel or skip at any time.

After 1 July you'll still be able to get a great discount on our beef bars when you buy in bulk using our bundle builder and of course when you subscribe. You can even subscribe to a bundle to maximise your savings, which will give you pricing as low as $3.99 per bar.

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