This Butcher Went Carnivore For Three Months, This Is What Happened

This Butcher Went Carnivore For Three Months, This Is What Happened

Updated: Jun 21, 2024Veronika Larisova

Meet Sam the Butcher, Bondi's local and our favourite organic butcher. Not only because he's a lovely guy with the best quality meat you'll find, but he's one of the first Chief stockists!

Sam recently decided to take on a full carnivore lifestyle, marking a significant shift in his dietary habits. Why and how he did it? What were the results? Let's take a closer look at Sam's background with food and lifestyle first.

Sam's history with food

In the past, Sam enjoyed a diverse range of foods, including lots of ultra-processed foods. He used to eat breakfast rolls in the morning and burgers for lunch. Desserts and sweets, especially at night, pasta, pizza, and pastries were regular features in his daily meals. Paired with his love for whisky and wine, Sam's food choices weren’t the best.

How was his health?

This gastronomic indulgence came with its consequences. Health issues such as excess fat, gut issues, inflammation, sore knees, and ongoing back pain resulting in hospitalisation became part of Sam's story.

The stress of a demanding work schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic led him to seek solace in alcohol, particularly a bottle of red wine regularly consumed every night for months. During that time, Sam worked 12 hours every day, seven days a week and didn’t do any exercise.

What happened when he went full Carnivore?

The turning point came when Sam decided to address his health concerns. He fully embraced the carnivore diet three months ago in an attempt to reduce the inflammation in his body, making a huge lifestyle change.

The results were remarkable – a weight loss of 21 kilos (from 130 to 109 kilos) in just 12 weeks and a newfound commitment to regular gym sessions after following online Chief workouts at home for a while.

Lately, Sam’s daily training consists of heavy weightlifting at the gym and swimming in Clovelly before he starts work.

What does he eat now? 

Sam's daily nutrition routine now revolves around a meat-centric diet and time-restricted eating, with breakfast featuring options like fresh liver or steak, which he cooks at the shop every morning using butter or gee, ferociously avoiding inflammatory seed oils.

Lunch typically includes another meat-based dish, sustaining him until an early dinner around 4:30-5 pm. Fish makes its appearance some evenings, ensuring a well-rounded carnivorous menu.

He cut coffee from his diet completely and drinks lots of water instead.

Despite the absence of vegetables in his daily meals, Sam incorporates endives and spinach with a little bit of feta cheese and pomegranate once a week for variety.

He acknowledges the need for a balanced approach in the long run and is considering including veggies and fermented foods for gut health.

Gone are the days of sweets and alcohol, replaced by a deep appreciation for the taste of a well-cooked piece of steak. Sam remains committed to avoiding processed foods, embracing organ meats (if you can't stomach organ meats try our encapsulated organ supplements), and regularly drinking bone broth (nature’s collagen source). His hunger has significantly reduced, and the sweet cravings are completely gone.

In conclusion

Sam's health improvements are evident – no more knee pain, reduced inflammation, and a lighter, more energetic feeling. Sam’s before and after blood tests show a significant drop in triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, and inflammatory markers such as CRP. His vitamin and mineral status has also improved, showing perfect B12, D, zinc and iron values.

It’s important to note that Sam’s diet used to be heavy in ultra-processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sweets, and alcohol. He would probably get even better results if he adopted a balanced diet composed of animal protein, organic vegetables (including fermented), low-sugar fruits, and nuts and seeds (like our Collagen Bars are made from), as the benefits of dietary fibre and fermented foods for gut health are undeniable.

Nevertheless, Sam’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of conscious dietary choices and a commitment to overall well-being. Stay tuned as Sam is planning to reintroduce organic plant foods to his diet, sharing his journey and insights with those around him. 

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