James Carson: My mental health journey

James Carson: My mental health journey

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

I remember one of the first times I had terrible anxiety…⁣

It was late one afternoon after I got home from the gym and I was sitting on the couch feeling tired and just looking at the floor.⁣ Suddenly, this weird feeling came over me and I didn’t know what it was.⁣ It felt like butterflies in my stomach, but a lot worse and extremely unpleasant. ⁣

Was it a lack of sleep? I thought. ⁣

Was it the new diet I was on? I wondered. ⁣

Was it the partying on the weekend before? I guessed. ⁣

Was it the pre-workout sh*tstorm I drank an hour ago? Perhaps. ⁣

Or, was it something else? I had no idea.⁣

It got to a point where I simply couldn’t shake the feeling, so I went for a walk and bought some Subway in an attempt to soothe myself with food.⁣
⁣It didn’t work…⁣ The evening continued on and somehow it slowly subsided enough for me to finally fall asleep at about midnight. ⁣

After waking up the next day, I knew that something wasn’t quite right and I had to do something about it. ⁣That was the point where I made some serious lifestyle changes in an attempt to never have the feeling again. ⁣

That’s when I decided to quit big nights on the alcohol entirely.⁣ This made a monumental difference in my mental health. ⁣Then I eventually quit alcohol altogether. ⁣This particular night was such a weird and scary time for me and I will never forget it. ⁣Back then, I wouldn’t even know where to begin in asking for help and where to go for support⁣

That's why spreading awareness on the importance of mental health is paramount to help support others dealing with everyday mental battles.

You don't have to take on any fight alone. Speak up, there are people out there that care and care about you.

   James Carson

   Mental Health Coach, Speaker, Actor

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