Oliver Zafiridis, Deepen Motion Coach: Be the Chief of your life.

Oliver Zafiridis, Deepen Motion Coach: Be the Chief of your life.

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova
Over the last few years, health has become more important than ever. We have truly seen if we have habits that are maintainable or unmaintainable, healthy or unhealthy, if they give us life and energy or take away life and energy.

We need to be healthier, and we need our planet to be healthier,

We need our lifestyle to be healthier,
We need our headspace to be healthier,
We need our food to be healthier,
We need our habits to be healthier,
We need our balance of everything we do to be healthier,
We need our love for life back.
To feel energized, excited, and young again.

A few years ago, I came across Chief Bars.

Chief Bars really stand out to me, as one of the only brands that have nothing fake, allergen free and low in sugar, making it maintainable to consume daily and as often as needed.

How I intertwine Chief Collagen Bars into my daily routines and my coaching.

I’m a Movement Practitioner and the founder and creator of my own business called Deepen Motion.

I coach and educate people to help build their capacity to thrive in an ever-changing world with greater freedom and joy. Whether it be online or from where I am based in Adelaide I want to continue to expand so more people can continue to navigate life with more joy, and start to create change in the world. Just like Chief Nutrition works towards with their values and mission.

A big part of my coaching practice is inspired by Fighting Monkey Practice. Fighting Monkey practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.

With this approach people can start to open their bodies, coordinate better, move better and feel free within their bodies. This freedom they feel can then start to ripple into everything they do in their life. Moving away from pain, fatigue and tension. Having the tools to stay open, handle stress well and therefore have more energy and love for their life.

Chiefs Role…

I coach people to live better quality lives that they love for longer, so the importance of how we nourish ourselves through physical movement, nature, emotionally/spiritually and through nutrition all play their parts.

For healthy aging of joints, ligaments, tendons, I believe we need to break the mould of how we move and diversify our training practices. Along with how we move, quality sources of protein are very important.

In 2021 A review of the effects of collagen peptide supplementation on body composition, collagen synthesis, and recovery from joint injury and exercise was completed. Bovine collagen consistently showed a reduction in joint pain, improvement in joint function, increase in the length of pain-free strenuous exertion, and reduced the need for alternative therapies. This is also improved further when combined with a way of moving that supports the body to age well, stay mobile, stay strong, and stay pain free without a reliance on therapies.

This holistic approach that Chief Nutrition have in regards to helping the body be as healthy as possible by giving it building blocks that are natural is what I love. They support regenerative farming, which is starting to play massive part in healing our world as we move forward. They balance creating products authentically, that help people live their best life, along with giving back to our world and not causing any further detriment to our environment.

In my work this is the approach I believe supports life best. Re-connecting to how nature intended.

We are connected to each-other, to communities, to this world, to nature, so with this connection we must start to live our own lives in way that represents these same themes (That is where true health and vitality come from).

Nature is unknown, the world is unknown, and so how we can train and practice in a way that is non-linear and unpredictable so that when we face our own obstacles we are equipped with the capacity, energy and vitality to handle the situations with an open heart and our best foot forward.

Chief Bars and My Coaching.

Health and Nutrition can become a rabbit hole, people that I work with often ask endless questions. Finding easy “healthy snacks” is the most common.

One thing that I firmly believe in and recommend to people is that having protein is important and plays a vital role. We can take it further and look at the source and the quality of it.

Grass fed, ethically raised and local are all for protein quality. Chief tick all the boxes and that’s why I recommend them to most people as an easy and highly beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle around practice, training and longevity, keeping our health as a priority.

How I incorporate Chief Collagen Bars into my day.

A glimpse into a day of my life,

I intermittent fast, going through my morning hours of coaching and training with water (with trace minerals/ pinch of salt). I have a gap mid-morning where I get to enjoy a black coffee along with 2 Chief Collagen Bars.

Then I continue my day with writing, journaling, afternoon coaching and getting in nature. Then after a nutrient rich lighter lunch, and a nutrient rich larger dinner. If I feel like a healthy dessert, what I love to do is:

Find a healthy, organic ice-cream brand and then I break and crumble a chief bar on top. It feels like I’m a kid again having milo on top of my ice-cream. No better night cap, and normally on a Saturday or Sunday night at home.

We’re constantly short on time, we’re constantly doing something, we’re forever needing more, we’re busier than ever and we’re starting to pay for it. We don’t feel in control of our lives anymore and it’s not a direction we want to continue to head towards.  

Chief is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle to stick our values, not only maintain but build our health and live a life that we love, with quality, for longer.

I hope people know that they can slow down time,
Give themselves the love they deserve,
As a community with our health we can shift from surviving, to thriving,
We can move better, We can feel better, We can eat better,
We just need to understand ourselves and experiment with what works,
It takes time yes, but there’s nothing more worthwhile then giving ourselves what we all deserve.
This is what will change ourselves the most, and change the world,
Living with Health, Energy, Vitality and Love.


    Oliver Zafiridis
    Founder and Creator of Deepen Motion



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