Stories from our tribe: Becky's weight loss journey

Stories from our tribe: Becky's weight loss journey

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

We were lucky enough to hear from one of our tribe, Becky, who let us know that Chief Bars were a stable part of her 70kg weight loss journey! We sat down with Becky to find out more.

What first attracted you to Chief Bar?

I love jerky style snacks but dislike the high sugar content and on the flip side of the snack options I really struggle with the protein bars as I dislike the after taste of stevia that most of them have. We stumbled across your stall and tried a sample and well we all know how that goes- A light shone down from above, doves flew out from behind the stall, the angels opened up to sing and you find a new life long favourite treat haha ;)

What motivated you to start your weight loss journey?

I completely snapped my ACL a few years ago and due to damage (from an accident when I was a teen which resulted in 3 knee reconstructions on the left and 2 operations on the right) the specialist said there was absolutely nothing they could do until I turned 55+ when I’d be eligible for a complete knee replacement. I’ve been fed this type of info in my past when I was told by age 30 I would be in a wheelchair. Seeings I am 37 and not in a wheelchair, I had to look at all my options as I knew I wasn’t defeated. At around 130kg my biggest (pun intended) and most difficult solution with the highest possible advantage was to address the weight.

How have you used Chief Bars as part of your journey?

As a shift worker there are moments you don’t want to cook or just have no energy or desire to eat. They were a good substitute for the fast food snacks and lazy moments when I had no fuel in the tank to cook something. I find they are amazing as a pre-workout fuel, midnight snack, or shared peckish ‘tie me over’ with my partner as we begin cooking. They are also fantastic working in a transport emergency response team as you never know when you might have an unplanned incident. Those shifts usually last 12 hours and are so busy that you can’t even find time to leave the desk for food, drinks or other needs- well except for those of us who have a secret weapon in their draw. Enter the unsung hero, aka a Chief Bar, and my day is saved. Just be careful because once people know your secret weapon they flock like seagulls in incidents.

What else did you do as part of your journey?

I worked with a PT injury specialist and consulted with a weight loss specialist on my body, a dietitian to learn more about better quality fuels, and a psychologist to combat the comfort eating and address why I was in this unhealthy position to begin with.

What would you say to someone else thinking about starting their own weight loss journey?

The biggest thing I learnt was weight loss is never as easy as a ‘one size fits all’ program or ‘just go to the gym and don’t eat sugar to lose weight’. You have to hit it from every angle and with some honesty to yourself. Don’t just lift weights- find a specialised PT to help with what YOUR body needs, don’t just ‘start new’ work on the problems that got you there to strengthen your mind and attitude and of course finally don’t just ‘give up sugar’ replace your diet with cleaner healthier options. As my portion sizes got smaller my quality of meats, veggies and snacks grew and improved and as a result so did the flavour. I learnt fuelling my mind, body and energy were all equally important parts of the journey. Without one the others struggle to last.

Want to ask Becky more about her journey?

Say hi to Becky @b3ckym00n, she's happy to answer your questions!

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