The Benefits of Collagen Bars

The Benefits of Collagen Bars

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

Regular collagen supplementation has many benefits including improved joint strength and mobility, increased tendon and ligament healing rate, glowing skin and hair, healthier nails, reduced cellulite, and a healthier gut. But how much should you eat?

How much collagen should you consume?

The dosage recommendations vary between 2.5 and 10 grams of collagen per day, depending on the type of collagen and the issue you want to fix. For example, you will need around 2.5g of bovine or 5g of marine collagen per day to improve skin hydration and reduce wrinkles. To increase your tendon strength and to speed up healing, you need 10g of bovine collagen 30-60min pre-workout according to the most recent scientific research. 

It should be easy to consume 2.5-10g of collagen powder per day, but we keep hearing from our customers and friends that it's not. Why, what are the main ‘problems’? Here's the feedback we've received:

  1. You don’t like drinking collagen powder straight up and you don’t want to increase your calorie intake by having shakes and smoothies. Smoothies don’t keep you full and satisfied and you end up eating solid foods not long afterwards thus ramping up your calorie intake. This can hinder your fat-burning goals.
  2. You don’t like carrying the powder and mixing it on the go. It’s inconvenient and messy and you either get annoyed with it or just keep skipping it. This gets in the way of results as collagen needs to be taken every day for at least six weeks to see any difference.  
  3. You keep forgetting to have supplements but you never forget to eat. This makes a collagen bar the best option for you.

If you resonate with any of the above, our Chief Collagen bars are a convenient solution for you. They contain a big dose of 11g of collagen per serve, they're low in sugar, high in fibre and they taste delicious. 

The best time to eat collagen bars

  • Before exercise
  • With Coffee
  • Meal replacement
  • Dessert or treat
  • Food ingredient

Before training

If you are after increasing your tendon and ligament strength or recovering from injury, you should have a collagen bar instead of a ‘pre-workout. Research says 30-60min before strength training is ideal.

With coffee

Having a black coffee on empty stomach can make you jittery and give you stomach cramps. Being the best gut-healing supplement, collagen will not only help to soothe your gut, it will also slow down the release of caffeine to the bloodstream thus preventing or at least reducing the coffee jitters.

Meal replacement

Our bars contain plus/minus 220 kcal, fibre, good fats, and protein. If you can’t have a fresh meal, you can use them as a meal replacement. They can come in handy on hikes and long road trips. Or when you are running around meetings with no healthy food in sight.

Dessert or treat

Our bars taste like a dessert with barely any sugar in them (around 2g per bar) and no artificial sweeteners! They come in four popular dessert flavours - hazelnut brownie, lemon tart, cashew shortbread, and peanut.

Food ingredient

We add collagen bars to our favourite foods to get the extra collagen and good fats. You can crumble them into your yoghurt or porridge, use them as a cake topping, sprinkle over pancakes. And if you are a smoothie fan, they can even replace an LSA mix and collagen in your favourite smoothie recipe!


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