Collagen: Benefits  & Busted Myths
Veronika Larisova Updated: May 08, 2024
As you learned in our previous blog posts, collagen is the body's main structural protein, and supplementing with collagen has various health benefits. Much new research on collagen supplementation for ligaments and tendons has been released, so we thought it might be time to update our knowledge base.
Collagen Supplement: A Guide To Taking A Collagen Supplement
Veronika Larisova Updated: Apr 26, 2024
Taking a Collagen Supplement is becoming increasingly popular. So, how do you choose the right one for you? Here’s our guide.
How I Reversed Osteopenia With Collagen
Veronika Larisova Updated: Mar 26, 2024
Co-founder Veronika on her journey to preventing further bone loss and development of osteoporosis and reversing osteopenia at the age of 40.
What is collagen and how does it benefit the body?
Veronika Larisova Updated: Mar 26, 2024
Have you heard the word ‘collagen’ thrown around but aren’t sure what it is or what it does? Here's main facts about 2019’s hottest supplement.