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From Vegan to Meat-Based: Why I Swapped Green Smoothies for Beef and Eggs
Veronika Larisova Updated: Jun 04, 2024
For six years, I believed I was living a healthy lifestyle by following the vegan diet, and kept with it believe it was the healthiest diet for me. As time progressed, so did my eating. As an ex vegan, I am here to tell you my experience of switching from a plant-based diet to a meat-based diet.
How ultra-processed foods make you overweight, depressed and sick
Veronika Larisova Updated: Jun 04, 2024
What’s the buzz about ultra-processed foods being banned in some countries recently? Why is it not safe to eat such foods every day? Are we being dramatic, or is there science backing these concerns?
12 Deliciously Yummy Collagen Protein Drinks, Snacks and Recipes
Chief Nutrition Updated: May 30, 2024
These recipes make adding some extra collagen protein into your diet easy and tasty. Read...
Best Biohacking Tools and Strategies That Actually Work
Veronika Larisova Updated: May 28, 2024
Biohacking is the practice of utilising tools and strategies drawn from fields like biology, genetics,...
The Science of Eating: Raw vs. Cooked
Veronika Larisova Updated: May 24, 2024
Food's role in human evolution, culture, and health is undeniably pivotal. Historically, the debate around raw versus cooked food consumption has evolved in tandem with scientific understanding.
Why you should ditch your multivitamin and experience the benefits of beef liver supplements
Veronika Larisova Updated: May 17, 2024
Let’s just say beef liver supplements benefits are extensive and incorporating these capsules into your diet can help you meet your nutritional needs efficiently.