100 Ways Collagen Elevates Your Well-Being

100 Ways Collagen Elevates Your Well-Being

Updated: Mar 26, 2024Veronika Larisova

Collagen Protein is a natural protein that’s been shown to be a fantastic supplement to support recovery, rejuvenate your joints and provide many anti ageing benefits. In this article we cover the health and anti-ageing benefits of including collagen supplementation into your daily routine.


Summary of Collagen Supplementation: Benefits & Uses

Aid recovery and rejuvenate your joints and flexibility

As the years pass, our flexibility might fade, but collagen can rejuvenate your joint health as well as your range of motion.

Enhance your skin

Collagen, the “beauty booster”, helps smooth away the marks of time. Whether it's the surface appearance or the deeper layers, collagen can improve the overall health, appearance, and radiance of your skin on various levels.

Support your gut

A healthy gut isn't just the key to digestive well-being; it also nurtures your brain function and is linked to your emotions through the brain gut connection. For example, poor gut health is associated with anxiety, stress and depression. Collagen’s unique amino acids build a robust lining, helping improve digestion. Collagen peptides can even help heal the gut lining. Most gut health protocols use collagen peptides and bone broths for this reason.

Incorporating Collagen Supplements into your diet

Collagen Protein Powder can easily be added to your routine by blending it into smoothies, incorporating it into your favourite recipes, or stirring it into your morning coffee for extra protein and less jitters. You can also get a great daily dose of collagen from our very tasty Collagen Protein Bars.


But, let’s dive into the details, discover 100 ways collagen can improve your overall well-being in the sections below.


Benefits Of Collagen For Skin Health

Collagen is a protein that's present in our bodies naturally and is crucial for maintaining healthy skin because it promotes elasticity and hydration. As we age, collagen production declines, causing wrinkles and dry skin. Regular collagen consumption can lessen these effects and support a healthy appearance.

Here are a few ways collagen supports the health of your skin:

1. Boosts Skin Hydration

Collagen helps by retaining the skin's natural moisture, which is essential for maintaining skin hydration. Expect a noticeable improvement in skin hydration and a more radiant appearance after regular consumption.

2. Helps Skin Elasticity

With regular collagen intake, the suppleness and flexibility of skin can be preserved. Keeping fine lines and sagging at bay, this protein aids in fending off gravity's natural pull.

3. Promotes Overall Skin Health

Collagen serves as the skin's structural foundation and helps the skin stay resilient. The skin's ability to regenerate itself is supported by a steady supply of this essential protein.

4. Fosters Radiant Skin

Skin loses its natural radiance as collagen levels drop with age. Collagen supplements can help you combat this by revitalising your skin and boosting vitality.

5. Improves Skin Texture

Your skin's texture can greatly benefit from regular collagen consumption. You will notice smoother skin and fewer uneven patches thanks to increased hydration and elasticity.

6. Promotes Skin Clarity

Collagen aids in maintaining the barrier function of the skin, which results in clear and healthy-looking skin by keeping inflammation and disruptions at bay and fostering an overall clearer complexion.

7. Assists the Body's Healing Process

Collagen aids in the growth of new tissue, which speeds up the healing of wounds. Your body's healing process is aided by this protein's support for skin regeneration and repair.

8. Complements the Natural Ageing Process

By encouraging cellular turnover and maintaining elasticity, collagen can help to manage the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and firmness loss.

9. Maintains Skin Firmness

Collagen supports firmness, which is essential for maintaining supple, healthy-looking skin. The youthful bounce of your skin can be improved, and sagging can be prevented with regular collagen consumption.

10. Comprehensive Skin Health

Collagen supplies essential amino acids to your skin. Your skin's health is improved from all sides by its influence on hydration, elasticity, clarity, and general skin resilience.


Collagen Protein Powder

Benefits Of Collagen For Hair and Nail Health

Collagen plays an important role in maintaining the health of your hair and nails. It provides essential proteins that strengthen hair follicles and nail beds, helping to reduce breakage and promote growth. Regular collagen intake can produce more robust hair and muscular, less brittle nails.

Here are some ways collagen supports the health of your hair and nails:

11. Improves Hair Strength

Strong hair is a sign of good health, and collagen's essential amino acids aid in achieving it. Expect less breakage and a noticeable improvement in hair resilience with regular intake of these proteins.

12. Maintains Hair Thickness

Thin hair often results from damage to the hair follicle. Collagen nourishes the scalp and follicles, helping to maintain hair density and ward off thinning.

13. Promotes Hair Health

The health of your hair relies on an effective lifecycle of growth, rest, and fallout. Proteins provided by collagen may assist in maintaining this cycle, offering an overall boost to your hair's health and vibrancy.

14. Boosts Hair Volume

If adding natural lift and thickness to your hair is a priority, collagen could be a game-changer. By promoting healthy follicles, it contributes to enhancing hair volume.

15. Enhances Nail Strength

Frequent nail splitting or breaking can be reduced with the structural support provided by collagen. This protein can help buttress your nails, reducing the risk of damage or bruising.

16. Sustains Nail Health

The health and appearance of your nails hinge on collagen. Regular intake can maintain your nails' smooth surface and encourage healthy growth.

17. Fosters Nail Growth

Brittle nails and slow growth can be signs of protein deficiency. Packed with necessary proteins, collagen can enhance your nails' growth speed and overall health.

18. Complements Hair Colour

Preserving your hair’s vibrancy requires a healthy scalp and follicles. Collagen can play a role in supporting the health of pigment cells, thereby maintaining the intensity of your hair colour.

19. Supports Scalp Health

A healthy scalp can prevent dryness, flaking, and follicle damage. Collagen's nourishing properties offer vital support to maintain scalp health, indirectly boosting hair health.

20. Contributes to Overall Hair Health

The shine, strength, and volume of your hair can benefit from collagen. Providing the necessary proteins helps maintain hair structure, ensuring overall hair health.


Collagen Protein Bars 

Benefits Of Collagen For Joint and Bone Health

Collagen plays a fundamental role in maintaining the health of your joints and bones. It aids in preserving cartilage, the rubber-like tissue that protects your joints, and contributes to bone strength. Regular collagen intake can thus assist in alleviating joint pain and reducing the risk of bone disorders like osteopenia and osteoporosis (here's how I reversed osteopenia with collagen supplementation).

Here are some ways that collagen supports joint and bone health:

21. Enhances Joint Comfort

The key to comfortable movement lies in the health of your joints. Regular collagen intake can help maintain joint lubrication and flexibility, ensuring smoother and less painful movement, especially as you age or engage in physical activities.

22. Bolsters Bone Health

Our bones require strength and structure, both of which collagen can reinforce. Regular protein intake helps maintain bone integrity and potentially ward off osteoporosis-related issues.

23. Boosts Bone Health Maintenance

Bone density and strength are vital as we age, and collagen plays a central role. Making collagen a regular part of your diet can support your bones' ongoing health and durability. 

24. Promotes Joint Health

Collagen plays an important role in protecting our joints healthy and protected from wear and tear. This protein aids in preserving joint-cushioning cartilage, reducing the likelihood of joint issues over time.

25. Supports Bone Density

Bone density benefits from collagen intake, which is crucial in preventing frailty and related health issues. This protein supports our bones, reinforcing their strength and durability.

26. Aids the Body's Natural Healing Process

Collagen supports our body's healing process, particularly in the skin, tendons, and ligaments. By aiding tissue repair and regeneration, it helps expedite recovery from injuries. 

27. Enhances Joint Health Maintenance

Maintaining joint flexibility and resilience is essential for an active lifestyle. With collagen intake, you can enhance the structural integrity of your joints and preserve their mobility.

28. Encourages Bone Health

Healthy bones rely on the strength and integrity of the bone matrix, in which collagen plays a significant role. Regular consumption of collagen aids in maintaining bone health.

29. Maintains Joint Flexibility

The elasticity of joint cartilage is crucial for flexibility and range of motion. With collagen as part of your regular intake, you can maintain joint mobility and enjoy an active, unrestricted lifestyle.


Collagen Protein Powder 

Benefits Of Collagen For Muscle and Fitness

Collagen is essential for maintaining muscle health and fitness. It provides necessary proteins that assist muscle growth and repair, especially after strenuous exercise. Regular collagen intake enhances muscle strength, endurance, and recovery, supporting your fitness goals. 

Here are some ways that collagen helps to maintain muscle health and support your overall fitness:

30. Boosts Muscle Recovery

Your post-exercise recovery can be fast-tracked with the help of amino acids like arginine and glutamine found in collagen. This intake can lessen muscle soreness and reduce downtime between workouts, giving you a quicker bounce back.

31. Elevates Physical Performance

Tendons and ligaments gain structural support from collagen, contributing to improved physical performance. As a result, your movement becomes more efficient, reducing the risk of injuries during physical activities.

32. Promotes Muscle Well-being

Protein supports muscle tissue maintenance and regeneration, safeguarding against muscle loss from ageing or inactivity. This regular intake can help preserve your muscle structure and overall health.

33. Aids in Weight Management

Collagen helps you feel full and satiated. Lean muscle mass aids your metabolism, supporting weight management efforts.

34. Enhances Stamina

A boost in stamina during exercise can benefit collagen intake, thanks to its role in cardiovascular health. This support ensures a steady oxygen supply to your muscles, contributing to sustained energy levels during physical activities.

35. Fosters Lean Muscle Growth

Amino acids in collagen are essential for synthesising proteins vital for lean muscle growth. Regular intake and resistance training can foster muscle development and strength. 

36. Facilitates Workout Recovery

Exercise-induced muscle damage can be repaired with the help of collagen's protein content. This accelerated recovery process allows you to return to your training routine sooner. 

37. Strengthens Performance in Physical Activities

Joint and tendon health, crucial for physical activities, is supported by collagen. By maintaining the health and flexibility of these structures, you can reduce injury risk and enhance your physical capabilities. 

38. Maintains Muscle Health 

Collagen's amino acids are essential for maintaining the health of muscle tissue. Regular intake can support tissue repair and regeneration, mainly when dealing with ageing or muscle stress. 

39. Assists Physical Activities

Collagen's contribution to joint, tendon, and muscle health enhances your performance in physical activities. Regular intake can boost your mobility, strength, and endurance, supporting all your physical endeavours.


Benefits Of Collagen For Digestive Health

Collagen aids in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal wall, acting as a supportive barrier against leaky gut syndrome and other stomach ailments. It can assist in promoting healthy stomach acid levels, which can help improve nutrient absorption and a smoother and more robust digestion system. 

Here are some key ways collagen supports digestive health:

40. Boosts Gut Health

Amino acids like glycine and proline, found in collagen, underpin the health of the gut lining. This structural reinforcement helps to regenerate the gut lining, facilitating an overall improvement in gut function with regular intake.

41. Enhances Digestive Health

The production of essential gastric juices, which break down food and absorb nutrients, can be stimulated by collagen. This contribution promotes efficient digestion, enhancing overall digestive health. 

42. Promotes Digestion

Maintaining the health and elasticity of the digestive tract is another potential benefit of collagen. With its support, the tract's ability to process food efficiently is improved, leading to healthier digestion.

43. Facilitates Comfortable Digestion

Digestive disorders that result in discomfort can be prevented with collagen, thanks to its role in supporting gut lining health. A regular collagen routine can help maintain stomach lining integrity, leading to more comfortable digestion.

44. Regulates Response to Food Sensitivities

Regulating the body's response to food sensitivities is another role collagen plays in maintaining gut lining health. This process can minimise inflammatory responses associated with food sensitivities by preventing undigested food particles from leaking into the bloodstream.

45. Stimulates a Healthy Metabolism

Collagen contains glycine, which plays a crucial role in glucose production. This action supports the body's energy efficiency, stimulating a healthy metabolism.

46. Contributes to Digestive Comfort

Collagen contributes to the health and flexibility of the digestive tract. Regular collagen intake can prevent constipation and support overall digestive comfort.

47. Maintains Gut Flora Balance

A balanced gut flora can result from collagen's contribution to maintaining gut lining integrity. Preventing harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream helps promote a balanced gut microbiota.

48. Supports Gut Health Endeavours

Collagen's regular intake supports gut health by maintaining the integrity of the gut lining and aiding the digestive process. Thus, it becomes an essential part of any holistic gut health regimen.

49. Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Collagen's enhancement of gastric juice production and preservation of gut lining health boost nutrient absorption. This process ensures nutrients are efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream, improving digestion and preventing gut lining damage.


Collagen Protein Bar Chocolate 

Benefits Of Collagen For Cardiovascular Health

With sufficient collagen, your arteries can stay flexible and robust, ensuring efficient blood circulation. Maintaining collagen levels in the body can be a part of ensuring your heart's health and your overall cardiovascular system.

Here are some ways that collagen supports cardiovascular health:

50. Bolsters Efforts for a Healthy Heart

By providing structural support to heart tissues and capillaries, collagen enhances its elasticity and flexibility. This contribution ensures the heart can pump blood efficiently, providing a critical leg up for cardiac health.

51. Assists in Regulating Cholesterol Levels

Collagen's role in supporting liver health aids lipid metabolism, indirectly contributing to cholesterol management. This assistance contributes to a holistic approach to cholesterol regulation.

52. Facilitates Maintenance of Optimal Blood Pressure Levels

The elasticity of blood vessels, crucial for their ability to dilate and contract effectively, benefits from collagen's contribution. This facilitation is essential for maintaining optimal blood pressure.

53. Promotes Vascular Well-being

Collagen's key role in maintaining the strength and adaptability of blood vessels enhances their resistance to pressure changes. This promotion of vascular health reduces the risk of vessel damage and ensures efficient blood flow.

54. Helps Preserve Artery Well-being

By supporting the structural integrity of arterial walls, collagen preserves their strength and flexibility. This assistance aids in preventing arterial stiffness, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

55. Augments Efforts for Comprehensive Heart Health

Collagen's role in maintaining various cardiac structures, including the heart muscle and valves, fosters the heart's mechanics and optimal blood flow. This augmentation supports a comprehensive approach to heart health.

56. Advocates for Healthy Blood Flow

The integral role collagen plays in maintaining blood vessel flexibility facilitates efficient blood circulation. This advocacy for healthier circulation promotes optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery to all tissues.

57. Enhances Efforts for Heart Health Conservation

Collagen helps maintain the structural integrity and elasticity of blood vessels, enhancing the conservation of heart health. Regular intake can help prevent vessel hardening and the associated cardiovascular risks.

58. Boosts Blood Vessel Well-Being

Collagen's role in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels prevents vascular rigidity, a risk factor for hypertension. This regular intake boosts the overall well-being of your circulatory system.

59. Fosters Overall Cardiovascular Function

The structural integrity of the entire cardiovascular system, from heart muscle to blood vessels, benefits from collagen. Its regular intake supports the efficient functioning of the cardiovascular system, fostering overall heart health.


Benefits Of Collagen For Brain and Nervous System

Collagen helps to maintain the integrity of the protective barrier around your brain while also supporting the structure and function of your nerves. This means that it can aid in keeping your thought processes sharp and your nervous system responses optimal.

Here are some ways that collagens supports the function of your brain and nervous system:

60. Bolsters Neuronal Protection

Collagen plays a vital role in forming myelin, the protective cover of neurons. This contribution ensures neural safety, a critical factor in maintaining brain health.

61. Promotes Mental Sharpness

Peptides derived from collagen have shown the potential to enhance cognitive health, including memory improvement. Regular consumption of these peptides can help retain your mental edge.

62. Encourages a Balanced Stress Response

Glycine, found in collagen, exhibits calming effects on the brain. Consistent intake can assist in managing the body's stress response, advocating for balance and tranquillity.

63. Helps Regulate Mood

Tryptophan, an essential amino acid in collagen, is crucial for serotonin production, a neurotransmitter involved in mood regulation. Regular consumption can thus assist in maintaining a stable mood.

64. Contributes to Nerve Health

Peripheral nerves benefit from collagen's presence, which helps maintain their health and functionality. Adequate collagen can therefore support nerve conduction, which is critical for effective body communication.

65. Facilitates Restful Sleep

The amino acid glycine, provided by collagen, possesses calming properties and can enhance sleep quality. Regular consumption contributes to a serene demeanour by promoting restful sleep.

66. Enhances Sleep Quality

Collagen is a source of glycine, known to improve sleep quality. This can support your journey towards achieving deep, restful sleep.

67. Supports Neural Communication

Collagen is a source of amino acids, some of which serve as precursors for neurotransmitter formation. This supports the maintenance of healthy neural pathways essential for brain function.

68. Fosters Cognitive Well-being

Collagen-derived peptides have potential neuroprotective effects, supporting brain health. Adequate intake can aid in maintaining cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

69. Complements Efforts for Brain Health

Collagen's role in maintaining the blood-brain barrier, a vital aspect of brain health, can complement your journey towards optimal brain function. Regular intake can assist in preserving this crucial structure.


Benefits Of Collagen For Dental Health

Collagen is like the scaffolding that helps build and support your gums, teeth, and surrounding structures in your mouth. It's a significant component of the connective tissue that makes up your gums and the periodontal ligament that helps anchor your teeth in your jaw.

Here are some ways that collagen supports dental health:

70. Bolsters Tooth Strength

Collagen forms an integral part of dentin, the primary structural component of teeth, thus helping to ensure tooth robustness. Regular consumption of collagen reinforces the density of dentin and promotes tooth health.

71. Enhances Resilience of Oral Tissues

A critical scaffold for new oral tissue growth, collagen aids in repairing damaged gums or tissues. Sufficient intake contributes to oral tissues' resilience, fortifying overall oral health.

72. Fosters Firm and Healthy Gums

With its vital role in maintaining gum structure, collagen provides a support matrix for essential components like blood vessels. Adequate consumption ensures firm, infection-resistant gums.

73. Promotes Overall Mouth Health

Collagen contributes to maintaining the mucous membranes in the mouth, which is essential for oral health. Regular intake aids in preserving the integrity of these membranes, providing a wholesome mouth environment.

74. Reinforces Dental Stability

The formation of cementum, a substance that anchors the tooth to the jawbone, involves collagen. Regular intake thus helps ensure teeth' stability, contributing to dental well-being.

75. Maintains Robust Jawbone

Collagen forms a significant part of the jawbone structure and assists in preserving bone density. Regular consumption provides a strong foundation for your teeth, supporting jawbone health.

76. Protects Against Tooth Decay

The formation of tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body, is linked to collagen. Regular consumption aids in maintaining enamel resilience, offering protection against tooth decay.

77. Complements Dental Care Regimen

The health of periodontal ligaments, which connect the tooth to the jawbone, depends on collagen. Regular intake ensures the stability of your teeth, reinforcing dental care efforts.

78. Preserves Tooth Pulp Vitality

Collagen lends essential support to the tooth pulp, housing nerves and blood vessels. Ensuring regular intake can help maintain the vitality of the tooth pulp, contributing to overall tooth well-being.

79. Assists in Maintaining Oral Hygiene

By supporting oral tissues, collagen assists in preserving overall oral hygiene. Regular intake reduces the risk of oral diseases and infections, contributing to a healthier oral cavity.


Collagen Protein Bar 

Benefits Of Collagen For Eye Health

Collagen is a building block for many parts of your eyes, including the cornea–the clear front surface of your eye. It's been found that only two and a half grams of collagen per day for eight weeks reduces eye wrinkling by a whopping 20% and increases skin elastin by 18%! These beneficial effects can also last over a month following cessation of the supplement.

Here are some ways that collagen promotes and maintains eye health:

80. Bolsters Ocular Structure

As a critical component of the sclera, the white part of the eye, collagen provides strength and durability. Consistent intake aids in maintaining robust ocular structures, amplifying your eye health initiatives.

81. Promotes Eye Comfort

Collagen's beneficial effects on the cornea, the eye's outermost layer, contribute to maintaining adequate lubrication and hydration. This helps to ensure overall eye comfort and mitigates potential dryness or irritation.

82. Ensures Clear Vision

The cornea's structural integrity, a transparent tissue covering the eye's front, relies on collagen, fostering a healthy cornea, which is crucial for correctly focusing light onto the retina for clear vision.

83. Enhances Visual Acuity

Crucial for the health of the retina, particularly the macula responsible for central vision, collagen supports overall visual sharpness. Regular intake assists in preserving the macula's health.

84. Fortifies Overall Eye Health

By supporting the vitreous humour, a clear gel that fills the space between the lens and retina, collagen helps maintain the eye's shape and optical properties. This promotes comprehensive eye health. 

85. Boosts Retinal Function

The retina, a layer processing light at the back of the eyeball, benefits from collagen's structural support. Ensuring adequate levels aids in optimal retinal function and better visual information processing.

86. Aids Optimal Blood Flow in Eyes

The formation and maintenance of the eye's blood vessels rely heavily on collagen, facilitating optimal blood flow. This assists in providing essential nutrients to eye tissues and waste removal, supporting overall eye health.

87. Promotes Efficient Visual Communication

Collagen's role in supporting the optic nerve structure, responsible for transmitting visual information from the retina to the brain, is pivotal for eye wellness. Regular intake aids in efficient communication between your eyes and brain.

88. Maintains Eye Lens Elasticity

Adequate collagen levels support the elasticity of the eye lens, enabling it to adjust focus between objects at various distances. This adds to your eye health regimen by preserving your eyes' accommodating ability.

89. Encourages Optimal Visual Habits

The comprehensive support provided by collagen for eye health promotes healthy visual habits, such as correct focusing. Regular intake assists in your pursuit of optimal visual health.


Benefits Of Collagen For General Health and Well-being

Collagen is a fundamental protein that supports the structure and health of various tissues, including skin, bones, muscles, and joints. Regular intake can help maintain these tissues' strength and flexibility, supporting overall physical health.

Additionally, collagen contributes to cognitive and cardiovascular wellness, making it an integral component in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and general well-being.

90. Enhances Immune Function

Collagen's role in maintaining the lymphatic vessels' structure and function significantly contributes to an effective immune response. Sustaining a regular intake aids in efficient immune cell transport, thereby enhancing immune health.

91. Aids in Weight Management

Especially in its hydrolysed form, collagen can promote feelings of satiety. This could aid in weight management by curbing excessive calorie consumption.

92. Promotes Liver Vitality

By contributing to the structure and regeneration of liver tissue, collagen plays a vital role in liver health. This supports the organ's crucial roles in metabolism and detoxification.

93. Facilitates Natural Detoxification

Indirectly, collagen facilitates the body's natural detoxification by promoting liver health. An optimally functioning liver effectively eliminates toxins and waste from the body.

94. Boosts Overall Vitality

By contributing to joint health, collagen promotes flexibility and minimises discomfort. This supports physical activity and mobility, thus boosting overall vitality.

95. Reinforces Healing Mechanisms

Collagen is integral to wound healing, fostering new tissue formation at injury sites. Regular intake bolsters the body's natural healing mechanisms.

96. Promotes Cellular Resilience

By contributing to the structure and function of the extracellular matrix of cells, collagen supports cellular resilience and function. This aids tissue repair and promotes overall cellular health.

97. Supports Healthy Metabolic Function

As a source of amino acids critical to various metabolic processes, collagen helps maintain a healthy metabolism. Regular intake facilitates essential bodily reactions.

98. Balances Body Composition

Collagen supplementation can help retain lean body mass, especially during dieting or ageing. This assists in achieving balanced body composition, which is vital for overall physical health.

99. Promotes Restful Sleep

Collagen is rich in glycine, a neurotransmitter known for its calming effects. This promotes high-quality sleep, a vital component of overall health and well-being.

100. Fosters Healthy Ageing

Collagen is significant for skin health, contributing to its elasticity and hydration. Regular intake supports skin health during ageing, aiding in maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance, thus complementing overall wellness efforts.


Incorporating Collagen Into Your Diet

There are a few different, effective ways to incorporate collagen into your diet, including the use of natural, collagen-rich ingredients in your meals or adding supplements to your smoothies. 

Collagen can be found in a range of animal products, such as chicken skin, fish skin, eggs, and meats with connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. Incorporating these ingredients into recipes can ensure that you are adding collagen to your diet naturally.

In our opinion, the easiest (and definitely the most delicious) way to get your daily dose of collagen is from our collagen bars. The collagen itself comes in an odourless, tasteless white powder form, which is hydrolysed to ensure maximum bioavailability. We combine the powdered protein with nut butter to create a biscuity delight to your taste buds and a great way to add more collagen to your diet without having to eat more bone broth, animal skin, or organ meat.

We also have collagen protein powder which you can use to add to your smoothies, coffee, baking and more.

Shop our full range of Collagen Bars today, or get your hands on one of our Starter Packs to try out our favourites from the full Chief Nutrition range.


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