Join our Chief Strava Run Club!

Join our Chief Strava Run Club!

Updated: May 24, 2024Kalle Kortelainen

Strava Clubs are a great way for sport and active lifestyle enthusiasts to connect with others, share workouts, join challenges, win prizes, and of course, help each other stay motivated!

So, we thought, let's launch our own Chief Strava Run Club! We're starting with runners so whether you're keen to start running for the first time, or a seasoned pro, we'd love for you to join us on Strava. We'll add other sports like riding, walking, swimming and hiking over time too!

All club members will get access to tips and tricks from our nutritionists, exercise physiologists, physios, psychologists and pro-athletes! For those joining us in Australia and NZ, you'll also have a chance to win free Chief products, merch and discount codes!


What's a Strava Run Club?

The Chief Strava Run Club is essentially a way for us to connect and motivate each other online, so we can #livelikeachief in the real world. For us, living like a chief means being active and healthy, spending time in nature, and connecting with our tribe.

On the club dashboard, you’ll see our latest events, leaderboard, member activity (don’t forget to spread the motivation and send a kudos!), and more. Check it out:


How do I join?

To join our tribe, you first need to create a Strava Athlete profile if you haven’t already done so. It’s super simple. You can sync up your workout watch/device if you have one or simply record your activity live from your phone, or manually add activities.

Strava can sync up with Apple Watch, TomTom, Garmin, Suunto, Fit Bit + more. Your watch can directly upload your runs straight to Strava, appearing on your athlete profile page, and the Chief Strava Club if you switch on your Bluetooth settings and have your privacy settings on ‘Public’. 

Once you’ve set up your Strava Athlete Profile, then join the Chief club to get involved in our challenges, win prizes, learn tips and tricks from our nutritionists, exercise physiologist, physios, psychologists, and pro-athletes. Plus, stay in the loop about upcoming runs!

How do I compete in Challenges for Chief Nutrition Strava Club?

Challenges will be in the form of virtual runs (such as a 5km run anywhere you like), or a segment challenge run (think popular running segments around Australia such as Bondi to Bronte, The Tan in Melbourne, or a lap of South Bank in Brisbane).

Challenges work via your GPS sports watch or phone uploading your effort to Strava, which recognises the distance and route (called a ‘segment’) you ran and uploads your effort onto Strava and the leaderboard. 

We recommend switching your privacy settings to public, to make it easier to record your data for challenges. We determine winners of challenges based on the top segment times posted at the end of a challenge, as shown on the segment leaderboard.


Will I win prizes for completing a Strava Challenge? 

Yes! Get involved on Strava so you can be in the running. Join the tribe on Strava to stay up to date with the latest challenges and prizes to win.

You'll get the chance to win prizes and discount codes for our full range including our Collagen Bars which come in Peanut Butter, Cashew Shortbread, Hazelnut Brownie, and Lemon Tart. Low sugar, plenty of protein and healthy fats to keep you full for longer. Collagen for injury prevention, better recovery as well as anti-ageing. Keto and Paleo friendly. Perfect pre or post workout or simply as a delicious, biscuity treat to get you through to meal time!

Four meat-eaters, we have Chief Meat Range, such as our Traditional Beef Bar and Chilli Beef Bar. Made from 100% organic grass-fed Aussie beef using a similar process to jerky/biltong, they taste like a delicious roast! Perfect pre or post workout or simply as a clean, meaty treat that'll get you through to meal time or even replace a meal when you're on the move or stretched for time.

Why Chief?

When you buy or choose Chief products, you’re saying no to Big Food companies pretending to be healthy when they’re not. You’re helping us lead the way in the battle against the health-destroying impacts of cheap, highly processed, artificial foods and too much sugar. You’re helping us prove to farmers that consumers care about where their food comes from. That we don’t like what Industrial Farming stands for, and that Regenerative Farming is the best thing for the health of people and the planet.


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