Mother’s Day gifts for a trendsetting mum

Mother’s Day gifts for a trendsetting mum

Updated: Apr 30, 2024Veronika Larisova

Mother's Day is a celebration of love, nurturing, and gratitude—a time to honour the woman who's played an extraordinary role in our lives. As this special day approaches, explore gift ideas that are as unique and multifaceted as she is. From enhancing her well-being to sparking joy in her everyday life, our guide is crafted to help you select a present that resonates deeply with her passions and interests. These gifts are more than just items; they are tokens of appreciation and acknowledgments of her distinct path in life.


Chocolate Lover Mum

Take your taste buds on a wild ride, the ultimate fusion of indulgence and nutrition, with the new Chief Collagen Choc Mint Bar. Beneath the heavenly dark chocolate lies a delectable core of biscuity, chocolatey cashew butter with a refreshing minty kick. But this bar is more than just an enticing delight for your taste buds. It's still a powerhouse of protein, healthy fats and fibre, meticulously crafted to fuel your ChiefLife and vanquish hunger. It's easy to find bars with great macros, or with clean ingredients, but it's hard to find both. We've done it with these bars, incredible macros AND clean ingredients!


Beauty Expert Mum

Earth2Skin is an Australian-owned brand that values skin health as a cornerstone of physical well-being and a booster of inner confidence. Their skincare line is a testament to the power of natural Australian botanicals, delivering a regimen that's not just safe and effective but also echoes the heritage of the land. With a deep respect for indigenous wisdom, Earth 2 Skin draws on thousands of years of aboriginal knowledge about the healing virtues of local plants—a treasure trove that has sustained a vibrant, enduring culture. This modern skincare brand infuses that ancient understanding into its cruelty-free products, avoiding harmful additives like artificial fragrances, sulphates, alcohol, and parabens. Committed to ecological sustainability and ethical practices, Earth 2 Skin invites everyone to honour the planet, embracing a natural approach to achieving the best skin, just as nature intended.


Low Tox Mum

Perfume Oil Expressions redefines luxury with its unique perfume oils that blend the purity of essential oils and the finesse of fragrance oils, creating alcohol-free scents that are gentle on the skin. These oils offer an affordable indulgence and a personal scent experience that caters to eco-conscious consumers through cruelty-free and sustainable practices. Standing out in the fragrance market, the brand prides itself on hand-blended bottles that are not just olfactory delights but also ethically sourced and IFRA compliant, ensuring a luxurious, guilt-free journey into the art of perfume. They come in a small roll-on size of lip gloss that looks elegant and fits perfectly in any purse and pocket.


Eco-conscious Mum

Step One Underwear stands out for both men and women with their ‘Seamfree’ collection and commitment to sustainability. Their underwear lines feature ultra-soft, moisture-wicking bamboo fabric that offers a seamless and comfortable experience akin to wearing nothing at all. The signature UltraGlyde™ panels in men's wear prevent chafing, while women's options include supportive full briefs, sleek bikini briefs, and minimalistic G-strings. This dedication to comfort is matched by a commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly bamboo, a renewable resource, and offering products that are gentle on the skin and the planet. With a first-pair guarantee and free shipping, Step One provides a guilt-free, perfect fit for the eco-conscious mum.


Road Tripper Mum

The Chief Ultimate Road Trip Snack Pack takes your mum’s road trip snack game to a new level. The box contains traditional biltong, traditional beef bars, and a variety of biscuity collagen bars, including a box of indulgent cholate collagen bars and a stainless-steel water bottle.

Save your mum from dodgy roadside snacks and ultra-processed junk.  This Trippin' Snack Packin' box of goodies is packed with sure fire crowd pleasers that'll satisfy even the fussiest taste buds (including kids!).


Funky Mum

The Upbeat stands out as a female training studio where great music is the heartbeat of every workout. It's known for reducing stress and increasing happiness, effectively making exercise feel less intense by an estimated 10%. Here, workouts are in sync with the rhythm, offering a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey similar to a dance, promising the grace and strength of a dancer's physique over time. The environment is as important as the exercise itself, with an inclusive, ego-free community that encourages social interaction. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm, a sweat towel, and a water bottle, as the studio provides the essentials, including a variety of classes tailored to different fitness levels and goals, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone looking to start or continue their fitness journey. The vibe in this studio is infectious! Think 80s-style aerobics mashed with hip-hop and Pilates. They offer epic online classes so you can dance your heart away in the comfort of your home.


Biohacker Mum

Savyy Beverages Nootropics Focus Coffee is the perfect gift for a biohacker mum, blending optimal health with indulgence. This exceptional coffee mix is not just your average cup; it's a potent nootropic high-performance super blend fostering sustained mental energy and sharp cognitive clarity. It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly, making it an ideal choice for those maintaining a meticulous diet. Moreover, this award-winning coffee is organic and sustainably sourced, ensuring that each cup is as good for the planet as it is for your body and mind. It's crafted to be the tastiest coffee powder you'll ever try, perfect for the mornings or to help push through the afternoon slump with vitality and focus.


Active Mum

LMNT electrolytes from Salty Down Under make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for the health-conscious or active mum who values staying hydrated and energised throughout her busy day. Suitable for moms who are into fitness, follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet, or want to ensure optimal hydration, LMNT provides a balanced mix of essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium without any sugar or artificial ingredients. This can help her maintain energy levels, support muscle function, and prevent dehydration during workouts or daily activities. Packaged in convenient, single-serve packets, LMNT electrolytes are a practical and healthful gift that supports a vibrant, active lifestyle.


Myco Mystic Mum

Inner Atlas products present a wonderful Mother's Day gift for the Myco Mystic mum who prefers not to indulge in coffee. These powerful yet gentle medicinal mushrooms are designed to adapt to the rhythms of daily life, supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Inner Atlas prides itself on offering some of the most potent and pure medicinal mushrooms available—mushrooms that are truly felt. They provide support through every part of the day, enhancing overall wellness and longevity and allowing one to thrive in all of life's moments, from calm tranquillity to vibrant joy. Perfect for a mum who values natural, transformative health solutions, Inner Atlas invites her to explore and observe, using intuition to enjoy the journey of well-being.


Express your appreciation this Mother's Day and choose a gift that matches the vibrancy of your mum’s spirit and the depth of your gratitude. Let this day be a reflection of her incredible influence and a celebration of the moments you cherish together. Don't just mark the occasion—enrich it with a gesture that truly speaks to her soul.







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